Financial targets

Kemira is focusing on improving profitability and generating positive cash flow. The company will also continue to invest in order to secure the future growth in the water quality and quantity management business.

The basis for growth is the expanding water chemicals market and Kemira’s strong know-how in water quality and quantity management. Increasing water shortage, tightening legislation and customers’ needs to increase operational efficiency create opportunities for Kemira to develop new water applications for both current and new customers.

Investment in research and development is a central part of Kemira’s strategy. The focus of Kemira’s R&D activities is on the development and commercialization of new innovative technologies for customers in all relevant markets.

Kemira's medium term financial targets
Target Achievement in 2012 Five-year average
Revenue growth in mature markets > 3% per year, and in emerging markets > 7% per year Growth in mature markets 1%

Growth in emerging markets 9%
Growth in mature markets 1.8%

Growth in emerging markets 13.7%
EBIT, % of revenue > 10% 6.9% 6.2%
Positive cash flow after investments and dividends -9.2 52
Gearing level < 60% 40% 55.2%