Sustainability as a strategic opportunity

Kemira sees sustainability as a twofold matter: being responsible in its own operations and creating value for customers through its offering on water quality and quantity management, enabling customers to optimize the use of water, energy and other resources.

Kemira sees megatrends, such as the growing concern about the environment, water scarcity coupled with increasing demand for energy, metals and minerals, as drivers for its business – a view that is well aligned with the company’s strategy and focus on water quality and quantity management.

These megatrends define the landscape in which Kemira operates, and will require innovative ways to manage the quality and quantity of water. Kemira’s competitive edge stems from its extensive application expertise in water-intensive industrial processes and broad range of products that enhance customers’ processes – either by purifying water or improving their water, raw material and energy efficiency.

Focus on sustainability program development

The development of Kemira’s Sustainability Program started off in 2011 with a materiality analysis as a basis for the preparation of the sustainability targets, which were approved by the Management Board in the third quarter of 2012.

The targets, KPIs and status at year-end 2012 are presented in more detail on the page Sustainability targets.