Kemira KemFlite – Novel methods meet solid expertise

Reducing paper machine problems

Kemira KemFlite is a novel approach for addressing problems related to the papermaking process. Deposition on the paper machine and (sheet) defects in the final product can be difficult to diagnose. Research, both in the laboratory and in field, has revealed that hydrophobic particles, and especially the agglomeration of the particles, is the key mechanism for the formation of deposition and sheet defects. Uncontrolled agglomeration is often the root of poor machine performance. KemFlite is a means for measuring and controlling the size of the particles before they agglomerate, helping to maximize the efficiency of the paper machine process.

Combination of process expertise and application technology

The KemFlite concept leverages Kemira’s expert knowledge of their customers’ processes, its broad product portfolio, as well as novel measurement tools, such as Kemira Flyto. This combination of process knowledge, measurement and product technology enables Kemira to offer its customers custom-made solutions.

Kemira Flyto, a modified flow Cytometry, is a unique laboratory analysis tool that measures and characterizes hydrophobic particles; it can detect agglomeration phenomena in the papermaking process. Kemira Flyto can be both a process measurement tool and a product screening tool. Its dual function allows for identification of the key issues in the process and then development of a custom solution, utilizing Kemira’s novel technology. Optimal performance from Kemira’s applications can be ensured with the use of Kemira AutoFlite, the new on-line particle measurement/monitoring tool. Real time data/feedback guarantees quick response to process upsets, often mitigating issues before they arise.

Diverse customer benefits

The customer benefits of KemFlite are numerous. KemFlite improves cost efficiency of the process by improving paper machine efficiency. This can manifest in increased up-time and/or reductions in of-quality product, and more stable processes can lead to decreases in customer complaints, often improving the sales image of Kemira’s customer base. Through KemFlite the customer also gains savings in raw material and chemical consumption. Overall, the customer’s water usage, production and raw material efficiency are improved, leading to significant cost savings.