FennoClean PFA – New treatment program for tissue machines

Need for sustainable microbiological control

The tissue making industry is becoming more and more driven by environmental and sustainability goals. However, in order to keep the machines clean and running, oxidizing biocides are widely used, some of which are harmful both for the environment and the machine.

In 2011, Kemira introduced FennoClean PFA, which is a new treatment program for microbiological control on tissue machines. FennoClean PFA is a peroxide derivative of formic acid that is capable of destroying microbiological cells; the optimal combination of formic acid and hydrogen peroxide creates a highly efficient disinfectant.

The efficiency of FennoClean PFA is based on active oxygen, which means the product is free of chlorine and bromine. Formic acid and hydrogen peroxide are significantly less hazardous than traditional biocides. Moreover, FennoClean PFA is fully biodegradable and halogen-free, and does not release any harmful AOX compounds into the environment.

Better end-product hygiene

FennoClean PFA is currently being used in several virgin-fiber based tissue mills across Europe, producing positive results. The PFA biocide improves corrosion safety and sustainability while maintaining good cleanliness and end-product hygiene. Non-toxicity in the final tissue product is an important benefit of FennoClean PFA, as some tissue buyers require certification that no biocide residuals remain in the hygiene product. In the future, this matter will bear a growing importance for those dealing with sustainability and green consumer products.