Successful collaboration continues in Lapinlahti

Wastewater service plan renewed

Kemira Operon Oy and Lapinlahden Vesi Oy have agreed upon continuing the service plan of the Suoniemi wastewater treatment plant and pumping stations for the next 6.5 years. Kemira Operon produces water treatment services for both municipalities and industry. 

The benefits of outsourcing the operation of wastewater treatment plants are efficient production of services and, above all, safety for people and the environment. “Since the beginning of the cooperation in 2007, the environmental risks of the treatment plant and the pumping stations have come down substantially, which reduces point source pollution in the lake Onkivesi,” says Tapio Korttilalli, Managing Director of Kemira Operon. Moreover, Korttilalli points out how the mutual effort is beneficial to all participants. “High-quality certified operation is rewarding both from the customer’s and the service provider’s perspective.”

Rebuilt plant produces top results

The new service plan is extended to include the wastewater treatment plant and pumping stations in Varpaisjärvi, as well as service and maintenance of the intercepting sewer pumping stations of Lahdenperä water cooperative. The value of the contract for operating two wastewater treatment plants and 70 pumping stations amounts to one million euros per year. “We are pleased to have brought about a contract with an excellent cooperation partner,” says Marko Korhonen, Mayor of Lapinlahti.

During the cooperation the plant has been rebuilt and the reliability of the pumping stations has been improved. The purification results of the plant are top class: its nitrogen removal capacity is over 95%, which is one of the highest in Finland. Due to the vast wastewater load coming from Valio’s factory, the Suoniemi treatment plant is much larger than an ordinary municipality plant. “The waterworks of a small municipality gets to benefit from Kemira’s expertise in solving challenges related to managing a large plant with a demanding wastewater load,” Korttilalli explains. “The management of Lapinlahden Vesi Oy can now concentrate on customer service and building up networks – and have a good night’s sleep, knowing that the wastewater business is in the hands of professionals.”