KemiSile 2000 – Finding the right preservative

Broad knowledge of feed preservation

Kemira’s expertise in feed and silage preservation and role as a leading organic acid producer is well-known among feed companies and farmers across Europe. Kemira’s AIV® and KemiSile products offer an effective way to minimize nutritional losses and spoilage in feeds at dairy and beef farms. The products are based on formic acid.

When the UK based AB Agri, one of the leading feed companies in the country, needed a suitable co-product preservative, Kemira was contacted for a solution. AB Agri’s subsidiary KW Trident sells co-product feeds to dairy farmers in the UK and in 2012 it started to market wet animal feeds coming from the bioethanol production of Vivergo biorefinery. Kemira cooperated with KW Trident to find the right preservative for the wet feed. 

Customized solutions ensure best results

Kemira carried out lab trials in 2011, and tested various preservatives. After the lab testing, a further practical trial was executed in the UK early 2012. After extensive testing KemiSile 2000 Plus was chosen as the right product for Vivergo, and the first delivery to Vivergo was scheduled for the summer 2012.

"To find the best preservation solution each case requires its own evaluation as feed components and processes are different," says Harry Slagter, Kemira's Applications Specialist (Feed). Kemira’s large product portfolio in ensiling and feed preservation ensure safe and high-quality feeds for livestock as well as cost-effective production resulting in good economical outcome for the farms.