Stakeholder engagement

From a sustainability management perspective Kemira has defined three key stakeholder groups: customers, shareholders and employees. Kemira focuses on developing systematic engagement processes and maintaining open dialogue with the key stakeholders.

StakeholderEngagementExamples of actions in 2012
  • Informally through daily operations and by customer contacts.
  • Interviews, discussions and surveys.
  • 636 customers participated in a survey covering various aspects of customer interaction, product and delivery quality, customer perception on Kemira’s competitive position, and sustainability.
  • Open information on the company and its operating environment to provide a factual overview of Kemira as an investment.
  • Systematic engagement through the Annual General Meeting, road shows, and individual meetings.
  • Over 500 Kemira shareholders in the Annual General Meeting.
  • Capital Markets Day in London with over 70 participants.
  • Over 25 road show days and almost 300 individual meetings with portfolio managers and other representatives in several different countries.
  • Shareholder communication through website, conference calls, webcasts, as well as social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Annual surveys and development discussions.
  • Employee representation committees based on regional and national legislation.
  • Annual Kemira European work council meeting and national employee representation meetings.
  • Informal personnel meetings, such as strategy sharing events and meetings addressing Kemira’s financial performance.
  • 2 short Pulse surveys with a total of 3,322 respondents.
  • Individual performance and development discussions for 2,533 employees.
  • 13 global and regional events to share information regarding Fit for Growth and additional local events.
  • Global and regional leadership workshops.

In addition to the key stakeholder groups, Kemira is also actively engaging with other stakeholders such as authorities, scientific community, NGOs, suppliers, media, and business partners.

Development of the stakeholder engagement process

Kemira conducted its first materiality assessment in 2011 to identify which sustainability-related issues are of importance to its internal and external stakeholders. In 2012, the key themes of the materiality matrix served as the basis for the development of Kemira's sustainability targets.

In 2012, Kemira focused on further developing the stakeholder dialogue process. Accordingly, a development project was carried through to develop the stakeholder dialogue processes and content.