Customer interaction and feedback

Kemira interacts with its customers informally through daily interactions, through registered contacts to order handling, and through regular customer surveys. In 2012, Kemira carried out a global customer survey of 636 customers in Europe, North America, South America and APAC. The telephone interviews were conducted by an external survey company in 9 different languages.

The survey covered many different aspects of customer interaction with Kemira and also measured customers' perception of Kemira's competitive position. Customers were asked about issues such as:

In this survey, sustainability was defined both as offering sustainable products as well as in terms of sustainable raw material sourcing, Commitment to the Responsible Care program, defined carbon footprint, and eco labels. A large part of Kemira's customers rated Kemira’s sustainability performance at par compared with the main competitors.

Marketing communication guidelines

Marketing communications at Kemira is guided by the brand policy, which is supported by visual guidelines, exhibition guidelines, naming guidelines for Kemira’s trade names, and the reference guidelines developed in 2012. The guidelines are periodically reviewed, and they are the responsibility of Corporate Identity at Kemira.

In 2012, Kemira had no incidents of non-compliance with laws, regulations, or policies in its marketing communications.