Kemira China participating in AICM Open Day

Community members meeting the chemical industry

In October 2012, Kemira China participated in the AICM Open Day in Nanjing, an event organized by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers. During the Open Day, the public was able to visit the plants located in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park (NCIP).

Furthermore, together with another chemical company, Kemira China successfully signed a manifesto for Responsible Care, committing the company to enhancing sustainability in its operations. The objective is to continuously improve health, safety and environmental performance by working together with other companies and sharing best practices, and to improve companies’ transparency by reporting openly on their performance, achievements and shortcomings.

Enhancing stakeholder communication

With the theme Green Chemicals Carnival, the aim of the event was to enhance the communication between NCIP, its resident companies and the public as well as to convey the concept of Responsible Care. More than 400 people attended the event, including community members, families of the employees, media, chemical enterprises, partners, and government representatives.