Kemira engaging in water forums throughout the year

Throughout the year, Kemira has participated in different forums and platforms that deal with innovative and sustainable use of water. The objective of these events is to mobilize creativity, innovation, competence and know-how to reach improved water solutions and sustainable development.

World Water Forum in Marseille

Marseille hosted the world’s largest water-related meeting, World Water Forum, in March 2012. Kemira participated in the Forum together with e.g. Cleantech Finland, Finnish Water Forum and VTT. One of the forum’s goals is to share different practices and ideas for water management. Kemira presented several solutions, including lake restoration, phosphorous removal, economical and sustainable sludge management and intelligent remote diagnostics for water quality management.

The World Water Forum is organized every three years, gathering stakeholders around today’s local, regional and global issues in order to share best practices and ideas for building up a common framework of goals and concrete targets to reach. The aim of the forum was to raise the subject of water higher on political agendas; the Right to Water (recognized by 189 states at the UN) must be guaranteed to everyone.

The outcomes of the forum include over a hundred concrete commitments by actors such as UN agencies, governments, parliamentarians, local authorities, donors, water professionals and NGOs, to improve the conservation and management of this valuable resource.

Rio +20 Earth Summit

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the Earth Summit a “once in a lifetime opportunity”, and it managed to attract global attention in June 2012. The themes of the summit revolved around sustainable development: green economy, building up an institutional framework for sustainable development and defining a series of universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for policymakers to adopt. For Finland, the most important theme of the summit was water. Before the actual summit, Kemira participated in a number of national forums that served as preparation meetings for Rio +20, in which the most important topics were more efficient use of water, green economy’s opportunities for companies and innovative investment.

Kemira participated as a commentator in Finland’s official side event in Rio, the aim of which was to map future global goals for water. The event was called Sustainable Development and Water: Global Goal, Targets, Partnerships, and it was hosted by the state of Finland. Kemira’s representative was there to give the company’s view on what can be the role of private sector in working towards a goal on water.

On the official UN Major Group Business & Industry event BASD Business Day (Business Action for Sustainable Development), Kemira was asked to chair a round table discussion on water as a resource for other uses. The overall objective of the roundtable was to address four key business water messages:

  • accelerate programs to increase access to safe drinking water and sanitation in both rural and urban settlements,
  • share a common vision and adopt action plans for wastewater management,
  • implement coordinated processes in the water, energy and agriculture (Food, Feed, Fiber, Fuel) nexus, and
  • ensure sustainable economics to provide all water services sustainably.

Singapore International Water Week

The 2012 Singapore International Water Week was held in July, attracting over 18,000 participants from 104 countries and regions. The event is a global platform for the sharing and co-creation of innovative water solutions, and was attended by water leaders and practitioners from the public as well as private sectors.

The event witnessed debates over water issues, networking with key industry players and showcasing leading-edge technologies. Kemira presented seven water treatment solutions for different industries at the Water Week, including e.g. wastewater treatment, landfill leachate control and making drinking water safe by arsenic removal.

World Water Week in Stockholm

Yet another large-scale water event was held in August by the Stockholm International Water Institute. It gathers annually over 200 collaborating organizations to discuss the globe’s water issues. The theme of the 2012 World Water Week was “Water and food security”. Kemira participated in various events during the week, and also hosted a presentation about the latest visions of chemical wastewater treatment.

Kemira is one of the original founders of the Stockholm Water Prize, which is one of the most prestigious prizes for outstanding achievements in water-related activities. It honors individuals, institutions or organizations whose work contributes broadly to the conservation and protection of water resources as well as to improved health of the planet´s inhabitants and ecosystems. This year’s Stockholm Water Prize Laureate was the International Water Management Institute, which was awarded for its pioneering research in improving water management in agriculture, enhancing food security, protecting environmental health and alleviating poverty in developing countries.