Reviving the Baltic Sea

Nutrient leakage causes eutrophication

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world, and despite substantial measures already taken, eutrophication remains an acute problem. Large amounts of phosphorus are leaking to the Baltic Sea via wastewater, from agriculture and sediments, causing large oxygen-depleted areas in the seabed.

Kemira is actively involved with the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG), which is an independent organization working towards a cleaner Baltic Sea. In the Baltic Sea pledge Kemira has committed to contribute its expertise and research input to return sludge-born valuable nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus into the natural cycle safely, without causing eutrophication.

Kemira engaged in water treatment across the Baltic Sea

Aija Jantunen, Head of the Municipal & Industrial segment in Finland and the Baltics reminds that Kemira is involved in the chemical water treatment in almost all of the Baltic Sea cities. “We have the know-how to reduce the load on the Baltic Sea and diminish the ecological footprint cost-effectively, and we feel it’s our duty to participate in the BSAG program,” Jantunen says.  

Kemira’s commitment to BSAG has resulted in two large research projects that aim to improve the recycling of nutrients and the removal of organic contaminants. One focuses on how to efficiently recover nitrogen, and the other on how to recycle phosphorus.

Raising public awareness

In the summer 2012, Kemira participated in the making of a ten-episode TV series The Baltic Sea. The series was actualized by voluntary contributors, all of whom are in some way committed to the preservation of the Baltic Sea. Kemira acted as an expert in the program: “Through the program we strive to make eutrophication an issue that people talk about,” Jantunen explains. “We want people to start thinking about what we, as individuals, could do in order to save the Baltic Sea,” she continues. Through public awareness, the topic will also reach politicians, who ultimately make the vital decisions concerning the restoration of the Baltic Sea.