Performance management and leadership development

In 2012, Kemira set new sustainability targets for its people processes, focusing on performance management, personal development discussion process and leadership development.

At Kemira, the focus is on developing the organization and the competencies of its employees. Kemira aims at continuous improvement and offers a variety of learning methods, emphasizing on the job learning supported by more formal training methods. For managers, important tools for developing their people and teams include:

Improving employee competencies

Personal performance and development discussions are one of the key people processes at Kemira; they are a means of ensuring that the employees have targets which are linked to the corporate strategy. The discussions also provide an opportunity for the employees to give feedback to their managers and discuss career goals and development needs as well as overall well-being and satisfaction with one’s job.

In 2012, Kemira set a target for its performance management, aiming to have all employees covered by the global performance management process, i.e. having regular performance and development discussions, by the end of 2014. The key to reach this target is to constantly focus on improving the process, and to expand the process to cover additional personnel groups. As part of this, Kemira provides training to its managers and employees to develop the quality of the discussions. Currently, the global performance and development process covers approximately half of Kemira employees, out of which 96% participated in the performance and development discussions in 2012.

In 2013, Kemira will focus on developing the target setting for the employees further and ensuring that the individual targets are closely linked to each individual’s role and well in line with the company’s strategy to drive the whole organization in the same direction.

Developing strong leadership

The second sustainability target regarding people processes is that every people manager participates in leadership development programs at least every 3 years. The intention is to reach this target by the end of 2015. During 2012, more than 160 managers participated in different leadership development programs. In addition, Kemira used a 360 feedback process to give feedback to managers on their leadership competencies.  

In 2012, leadership development at Kemira focused on building a common leadership culture and ability to lead in a changing environment. Three global workshops and four regional workshops focusing on change leadership and the new mode of operation were organized during 2012, gathering over 250 participants. Focus on leadership development will continue in the upcoming years, with strong emphasis on developing leaders’ skills to create high-performance teams and culture as well as on providing forums for sharing best practices.