Managing people processes

The role of the HR function is to ensure that Kemira has the necessary know-how, strong leaders and engaged people to successfully execute its strategy.

Competent people are the core of Kemira, implementing the company’s strategy. Kemira’s Human Resources (HR) function provides the tools for managers to successfully lead individuals and teams by using common people processes, competency development solutions, and reward schemes. Its work is guided by the Kemira Code of Conduct and company values:

Kemira respects and complies with internationally acknowledged human rights declarations, providing equal opportunities and treating all employees fairly, and does not employ forced or child labor. Kemira also respects its personnel's right to join trade unions and other associations, freedom of association, and collective bargaining. Collective agreements and regulations regarding operational procedures differ between the countries Kemira operates in, depending on national legislation and collective bargaining agreements.

Employee representation

Kemira has employee representation committees at region and country level based on regional and national legislation and directives. Different issues relevant to Kemira's business and its employees are discussed both in the annual Kemira European Works Council meeting and in the national employee representation meetings.