Managing Director

The Board of Directors appoints the Managing Director and the Managing Director’s Deputy. Under the Articles of Association, the Managing Director is responsible for managing and developing the Company in accordance with the instructions and regulations issued by the Board of Directors, ensuring that the Company’s interests are served by the subsidiaries and associated companies under its ownership, and puts the decisions taken by the Board of Directors into effect. The Managing Director reports to the Board on financial affairs, the business environment and other significant issues. The Managing Director also functions as the Chairman of Kemira’s Management Board.

Kemira Oyj's Managing Director (President and CEO) is Wolfgang Büchele, and the Deputy Managing Director is CFO Jyrki Mäki-Kala. The Managing Director and the Managing Director’s Deputy, including their related parties, are not involved in any substantial business relationships with the Company.

The personal information concerning the Managing Director and the Deputy can be found under the section Management Board and their holdings can be found in the section Insiders. The financial benefits related to the Managing Director’s employment relationship are described in a separate Remuneration Statement, which is available on Kemira’s website.