Internal Control

Kemira maintains an internal control system to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, including the reliability of financial and operational reporting and compliance with the applicable regulations, policies and practices. Internal control is an integral part of all of Kemira’s operations and covers all levels of the Group. The entire Group personnel are responsible for internal control and its effectiveness is monitored by managers as part of operative management.

Kemira’s corporate values, Code of Conduct and Group level policies provide the basis for corporate governance and internal control in the Group. The internal policies and the Kemira Code of Conduct have been communicated to all Group staff. The Group also provides training concerning the main policies for people who need to know the policies in question. Every employee has the right and duty to report any violations of the law and the Code of Conduct.

The main components of internal control are the management and organizational culture, risk assessment, control activities, reporting and communication, as well as monitoring and auditing.