22 years without Lost Time Injuries

Marietta employees celebrate the milestone

Kemira values the safety of its employees, which is also acknowledged in the sustainability targets set during 2012. The company is committed to improve occupational health and safety, aiming to achieve zero accidents. On June 2012, the Kemira Chemicals plant in Marietta, Georgia, achieved an impressive achievement: 22 years without a Lost Time Injury. To recognize this milestone, Marietta day and night shift employees were treated to breakfast celebrations, and the evening shift got to enjoy dinner.

Mike Villers, VP of O&M Manufacturing sent a congratulatory message in which he praises the employees for placing safety as the number one priority in their work, and delivering good results in implementing it. “I know your families appreciate the safe work performance and the community takes it for granted, but I want to thank you for showing such a good example with this truly amazing record,” Villers compliments the employees.

Employee awareness the key to improving safety

Many have asked how the plant managed to achieve such a record. There isn’t just one comprehensive answer. The management of the Marietta Plant recognizes that the employees are the ones that made the achievement possible. “Systems, procedures, and programs only go so far to protect us. It’s our employees’ knowledge of our processes, ability to recognize at risk conditions and working together to resolve safety issues that has allowed us to continuously improve to reach this milestone,” says Villers. The achievement is realized every day, one day at a time, when all the employees leave the plant unharmed and arrive home safely.