Environmental management

Kemira is committed to preventing and minimizing the negative impacts of its activities on the environment, people and property, as well as to use natural resources efficiently.

Over the past 15 years, Kemira has managed to reduce its global environmental impact by reducing the emissions from its production by over 60%. This is partially due to changes in the business portfolio.

In addition to the sustainability targets set on Group level, Kemira sets environmental targets at the plant level. Investments for improving environmental conditions at Kemira’s plants are based on internal audits and standards as well as careful prioritization. Compliance with detailed environmental permit conditions is a minimum requirement.

There were no significant environmental compliance issues resulting in authority action or substantial costs in 2012.

Management systems

To ensure proper management of its own production and supply chains, Kemira has internal EHSQ management guidelines in place at most of the European plants. In recent years, Kemira has focused on expanding the use of these systems globally. The percentage of Kemira production plants certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 or the OHSAS 18001 standards is constantly increasing. At the end of 2012, the coverage of sites with all three standards is 59%.

Certified operations play an important role in securing the future and competitiveness of Kemira’s business. Kemira also works with a global partner, LRQA, to manage the certificates as well as external audits and assessments.

Impact on biodiversity

Kemira does not operate in areas that are particularly sensitive or protected in terms of biodiversity. Kemira’s plants are usually located in industrial parks or places where industrial operations have been carried out for a long time. Three of Kemira’s plants are located close to protected areas, in Brazil, Finland, and the UK. However, Kemira’s production does not have a significant impact on these protected areas.

Kemira pursues programs for remediating contaminated land on production sites. All ongoing remedial projects deal with cases in which the contamination has happened earlier. In 2012, Kemira’s remedial projects on 11 locations in Finland, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Brazil and the USA progressed according to plans. The provisions for these projects amounted to EUR 19.7 million in total. The biggest project, the closing of former waste piling areas, takes place in Pori, Finland.